Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thematic Photographic - Floral

This week at Thematic Photographic, Carmi asks us to explore the theme FLORAL. So share some flowers with us - real ones, and maybe some that are less literal, expanding our horizons.

In the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, people love flowers. Flowers grow everywhere in the lush tropical climate, and native artisans decorate objects with beautiful floral designs - some highly stylized, and some naturalistic.

In the city of Juchitan, velvet skirts in deep colors like purple, black, crimson or dark green are embroidered in brilliant floral motifs. It's said the tradition was inspired by the import of Chinese embroidered shawls that appeared in Mexico during the Spanish colonial days, brought on galleons that sailed from Manila. This example, with is exuberant natural depictions of roses, galdioli, hibiscus, zinnias and dahlias dates from the 1940s. It is in the collection of John and Lise Thomas, who exhibit vintage clothing and Mexican crafts. This photo was taken by me this past October, at the Golden California Show.

To see more of these incredible pieces of art, click here. You can enlarge each photograph to see the detail.


Anonymous said...

A very creative floral, with a story to boot!

Woman in a Window said...

And that culture can manage to pull those styles off, yet I would look overwhelmed with a tablecloth.

Queenly Things said...

Not only do the women of Juchitan wear the most beautiful costumes in Mexico, they are in one of the few places where women rule the roost. Women there, for the most part, are the business owners and moneymakers. Men do menial labor.

amanda said...

That's a floral that never dies and will always keep its color

amanda said...

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