Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Window shopping in Paris

One of the pleasures of our summer trip to Paris was strolling along the streets and window-shopping. Even if something was beyond my reach financially, I could still enjoy it with my camera. Here's a glimpse of a shop window in Paris.

This shop is on the Boulevard Raspail, in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris - called Saint Germaine de Pres. It is a neighborhood of classic boutiques - expensive but not flashy. The venerable department store Le Bon Marche is here. So are elegant hotels, among them the classic Art Nouveau pile, the Hotel Lutetia. I snapped this photo of a window display in a small boutique as we walked north from the Lutetia toward the left bank of the Seine.

Here are jewels, precious stones, beaded handbags and patterned silk scarves. Perfect for accessorizing that classic Chanel suit, don't you think? Aren't they tantalizing? Which would you choose?


Gilly said...

I love those neclaces on the'necks' either side of the display. I can imagine myself in those, but where I cannot think!

KBeau said...

I'd probably have to have one of the beaded bags. I'm short, and those necklaces are just a bit much for me. I do like them for other people, however.

Always enjoy reading your Paris stories.

Tristan Robin said...

I love window shopping in Paris,as well. They have a special knack for display that our stores lack. We spend more on display - and use more display pieces - but they can make the merchandise look so darned ESSENTIAL!

Anonymous said...

I quite like the hat in the top left corner so that's what I'll spend my imaginary euros on today.

Unknown said...

I really love window shopping! Window shopping is a great way to keep an eye out for bargains. Also a huge way to save money on your next furniture purchase.

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nice post! I love those neclaces on the'necks' either side of the display.

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Underwood Watch Winder said...

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