Monday, November 2, 2009


Over at The Women's Colony, Jodi challenges us to present photos that showcase the color GREEN.

The startling green of an oak leaf, blown from the trees to the pavement after a spring storm.

The cool, toothed green leaves of the tropical plant Melianthus major, thriving in the warm California sun in the garden.

Close-up - the pod of a lotus blossom, after the bloom is spent, in a friend's water garden.

A bowl of savory, slow-cooked, chopped greens from my favorite barbecue stand, J & J Burger Shack on West Adams in L.A.

Fresh green beans and English peas on sale at the Santa Monica Wednesday Farmers' Market.

The green tinged pottery of classic California Bauer pottery, seen here at an antique show.

A dusty green velvet chair, inviting us to sit and read, in the stacks of the famous bookstore "Shakespeare & Co." on the Left Bank in Paris.

Fruit from my lime tree, high summer, in Southern California.

The brilliantly painted Victorian James and Bessie Hale House, circa 1887, preserved at Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles. Green predominates the spectacularly gaudy color scheme.

This guy, green as the leaves, fattening himself up on flowers and bugs before his transformation into a beautiful butterfly.



Tristan Robin said...

I know that very spot in Shakespear & Co!

The green of that Lotus is astounding - it's almost neon.

And that painted lady is gorgeous!

Terrific green post!

debra said...

These are wonderful photos! Although I love the seasons in my Valley, I would love the intensity of the colors there, too.

B.E.C.K. said...

Beautiful greens!! I used to go on lots of architectural tours and I love that house in Heritage Square. Two years ago, my sister, a friend and I went there for a Christmas event. It was amazing and so much fun. (We even learned to dance the Virginia Reel with costumed actors!) If you live nearby (my sister does), check it out this season! :-)

Emily said...

Love the lotus blossom!

And I wonder how many have photographed that same chair, and how many have captured a different scene.

bethany said...

the lotus flower is stunning, and a bit bizarre, never knew they looked like that! the book nook too, so very inviting, i just want to curl up in it with a mug of tea for an hour or two.

Vallen said...

The Bauer pot, the chair, the house, a lime Rickey - yes, it's easy being green.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

chile verde too!

cactus petunia said...

Now I'm hungry, and I want to go photograph all things green-my favorite color!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My limes! I didn't think of those.

I love the Lotus--Balboa Park's koi pond has some gorgeous ones.

Gilly said...

Fantastic photos!! So many greens, and so cleverly seen!

Jodi Anderson said...

The lotus pod is so interesting. I don't believe that I've ever seen one before this.

I like the green-tinged pottery. I have two similarly colored pieces in my kitchen and yours is just divine.

Sue said...

Ooo...that pod is really a great photo. I love the variety of green things you selected.


carmilevy said...

Those Melianthus major leaves will haunt me in my dreams. In a good way, of course. Seriously great photos have such an eye!