Friday, December 18, 2009

The adventures of Jack!

Jack got stuck in the fishpond. Don't ask me how.

This evening, we let Jack out to pee - he usually comes back in about ten minutes. But this time, it was twenty minutes and he didn't come back. We figured he was out prowling in the yard.

Our Son arrived home today from the East Coast, and after talking with us a while, he went downstairs to his room. Then he came back up and told us Jack was stuck in the fishpond.

The fishpond is some 18" deep, and maybe Jack decided he wanted to go in, or maybe he slipped in. But once in, he couldn't manage to jump out. He was stuck in the corner by the fountain - the big clay urn in the photo above.

Of course, this photo was taken in summer during the day. This was at night in December, and it was dark. I ran for a flashlight and went down to investigate.

Jack's front feet and elbows were on the broad wooden ledge around the pond, but his hindquarters were in the water. Perhaps the slippery floor of the pond prevented him from jumping out. In any case, he was stuck. He looked at us and squeaked, which is how he whines.

Our Son walked along the ledge to the corner and took ahold of his hips and heaved him out. Jack scurried away, then came running into the house and shook water all over [The Man I Love].

Jack is now on his bed, cleaning his fur and trying to pretend it never happened. I think he's a little embarrassed, if you ask me.


Kathy said...

Jack is quite a character!
Merry Christmas...Kathy

Gilly said...

Dogs do the daftest things! At least it was warm where you are and he didn't die of hypothermia!

Didn't he bark?