Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday roast

Our son living in England has introduced us to the tradition of a Sunday Roast. Here's a delicious and hearty Sunday roast dinner. And it's straight from the freezer! A whole chicken, purchased when the price was right, then thawed and roasted, seasoned with lemon, herbs and garlic.

Greek-style potatoes - these are leftovers from a party that were frozen. Roasted in the oven alongside the chicken, they're perfect.

Greek-style lima beans - the beans from the frozen-food aisle, simmered with olive oil, garlic and herbs. Astonishingly good.

Delicious and economical!


Cassi said...


smalltownme said...

We had a sunday roast chicken, too, accompanied by various leftovers! Now there is leftover chicken.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

It's really hard to beat a good old roast chicken. Julia Child used to say that a roast chicken was the true test of a good cook. Yours looks fabulous!

materfamilias said...

Sometimes the simplest meals are the best . . and I love the way a roast chicken stretches to at least two meals -- it really makes the best soup!