Thursday, November 5, 2015

Study hall

Taken with my Microsoft Surface-Pro
I'm settling in to the habit of school. Thursdays, after my first class ends at 12:15, I have lunch and then set up my little computer at a table in the casual bar-room of the Student Center. I can work here until my next class starts at 4:30.

The only draw-back to this has been the Muzak - they play a Pandora station with current, pop music that is so trite and repetitious it can drive you mad.  It's also so loud you can barely tune it out.

Today, however, it sounds like someone of my generation has commandeered the music. It's not deafening (thank you!), and it's a mix of late '80s early '90s metal grunge with a few classic British punk tunes (think the Clash, think Talking Heads.)

Bravo, kind sir, whoever you are!


David Duff said...

Tell 'em to tune in to:

Simply terrific!

smalltownme said...

Music to your ears. My son got control of the radio at the coffee house the other day...put it on the only decent rock station...and one of the djays came in! She was jazzed to hear her station.