Sunday, October 30, 2016

6 t' 9 Pumpkin Parade

Last night, the 6 t' 9 Social Aid and Pleasure Club rolled its 9th annual Pumpkin Parade - the name means from the 6th Ward to the 9th Ward, so forget any dirty thoughts you might have about it.

It began at 6:00 pm in front of the Backstreets Museum in the Treme, but I caught it at its end, near Mimi's bar on Royal at Franklin, in the Marigny. I met my friend Bertie at the New Feelings Cafe, where we ate outside and waited for the parade to arrive.

I am costume-shy - four decades of working behind the scenes have made me reluctant to dress up and call attention to myself. Nevertheless - baby steps. I wore my black witchy boots and fishnet stockings, and a"fascinator" head piece that included a skull with light-up eyes.

My costume was outshone by the other fantastic creations in the parade. Here are a few scenes:

This being New Orleans, there are still two more days to celebrate Halloween!! Plus a football game!

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