Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day parade

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and also the annual celebratory parade for the Social and Pleasure Club Original Big Seven. As I stood on St. Bernard Avenue waiting for the parade to cross Claiborne, the crowd was full of mothers and children, holding hands. Many mothers were wearing corsages, and the children were wearing hair-bows. Everyone was wishing one another "Happy Mother's Day!"

The sound of revved motors split the air, and around the corner came a fleet of women on sleek and fancy motorcycles. They wore helmets adorned with bright pink mohawks. They made a pass up the Avenue, made a U-turn through the neutral ground, and circled back, parking their bikes in formation at the curb.

It was the Caramel Curves, New Orleans' all-female motorcycle club. "Awesome boots!" I told one lady, admiring her five-inch stiletto heeled blue suede thigh-high boots.

But then came the parade! Led first by the kids - the Junior Steppers - the crowd surged up the Avenue. The kids danced to the band accompaniment.

Kings and Queens rode in open convertibles.

Then a float came by, conveying more royalty.

Bringing up the rear, another group of steppers, decked in bright orange and yellow, followed by a band.

I followed the parade to where I'd parked my car. I bought an ice-cold beer from a lady pulling a cooler on a wagon. She popped the cap for me and wished me a "Happy Mother's Day!"

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WOW! this is so nice and lovely. The mother's day is a day to celebrate the unconditional love of mothers and remmebre their sacrifices for their children. They are blessings of God.