Monday, July 24, 2017

Nothing like the city

8th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen

A visit to New York always inspires nostalgia for me, remembering when I used to live here.

The city has changed so, with new construction, sleek new buildings. Old neighborhoods have become gentrified and tourist-focused. Yet some of the old feel remains.

A Broadway theatre

My friend and I went on a Sunday excursion. We visited an ailing friend, and we also took in exhibits at three small museums - little hidden treasures.

Stairwell in the Nicholas Roerich Museum 
The museums and institutions were housed in old mansions on the Upper East and West sides, giving us a rare glimpse not only of the artwork, but also the way of life back in the Gilded Age.

In the Ukranian Institute 
We strolled around the Upper West side, looking at streetscapes.

Stone faces and fantasies.

This is what I love about New York.

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