Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Barbecue animals

I've been collecting pictures of Barbecue Cows - statues of cows used to advertise Barbecue joints. But as one correspondent has pointed out, in many places, Barbecue is Pig, not Cow. So here is a Barbecue Pig.

And an unusual Barbecue Pig he is. He's wearing a suit and tie. His expression isn't jolly, like many Barbecue Pigs, who, strangely, look delighted at the contemplation of being eaten for your meal. No, this is a Corporate Pig, a Barbecue Mogul of Commerce, one who is intent on outlining the cost/benefit analysis of your baked beans.

His massive porcine head emphasizes the weight behind his power, and the turned-down points of his ears seem to express a lack of openness, a strength of purpose, and a firm - dare I say, bullish - stubbornness. This is not a pig who might be swayed, or moved, or turned from his purpose.

What is his goal? His business plan? To convince you to eat delectable smoked and sauced meats on a charming local street in an artsy seaside town?

Odd to think that he would hang out on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, CA. What might this indicate about the economics of hipster popular culture?


Kathy Rogers said...

A pig in a full dress suit. In Venice. Imagine that.

The pig face looks oddly like it might have been painted over the face of some big bald guy in a suit.

shrink on the couch said...

That everybody's gotta duck in, at one time or another, and dive into some BBQ pork! I'm a beef BBQ lover, myself, but when my sis flies into town, she's gotta have a BBQ'd pork chop.

KG said...

This post really makes me hungry. Mmmmm ... BBQ .... *rubs belly*

Anonymous said...

That pig looks more like a bull to me. Coincidentally, I'm making pork chops tonight for dinner, but barbecue sounds REALLY good right now.

M. Bouffant said...

That was not originally a pig's head, I'm sure. The 2-D barber pole is nice. What does that say?

Hipsters. Hmpf.