Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our relationship

No matter how unique and special their relationships are, two people in love tend to view certain iconic couples from popular culture as a symbol of their relationship. John and Yoko. Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet. Dylan and Baez. Emma Hamilton and Admiral Horatio Nelson.

We old comfy married couples tend to eschew models of tragic or turbulent relationships, like Romeo and Juliet - they die. Or combative couples like Petruchio and Kate. Exhausting. We may fancy ourselves as bohemian, but most of us outgrow thinking of ourselves as Sid and Nancy. Too messy.

Yet on the other hand, we don't want to think of ourselves as boring and humdrum, like Ozzie and Harriet. Or cornball, like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. When I look at friends I admire who are stylish and clever, I can just see them as Hepburn and Tracy. Bogie and Bacall. Or even, Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

But as for me and [The Man I Love]? Let's see....what would be the best comparison for us? We have different temperaments, and different metabolisms. I'm small, and a little twitchy, and have a tendency toward irritability. He's large, and takes his time, and has a mellowness to him.

The other night, we snuggled up together to keep warm in the unseasonable Southern California cold. After a while, though, being creatures of habit, we assumed our usual customary sleeping positions. Both side-sleepers, we turned back to back. It was cold. So we got closer. Bump. Bump. What did it remind us of?

"Say, Stimpy. Thees is the life!" Ah! There's our role model.

Happy Happy Joy Joy.


Anonymous said...

This is so funny and so sweet. How lucky you both are..:)

M. Bouffant said...

I noted the same phenomenon last wk. when it was so damn frosty. Sometimes there's only one side one wants to be on, no matter which direction one's bedmate is pointed in.

Did not think of Ren & Stimpy though.

bevglen said...

I agree with CC - Happy New Year!

tinsenpup said...

Aw...I just had to wipe a tear from my eye. Now there's a couple I can aspire to.

Jason, as himself said...

You've done it again, G! You never fail to post something meaningful, sweet, fun, or interesting. This one had all four of those qualities.

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

this reminds me of a great quote from one of the best acted movies I have ever seen: Moonlight Mile.

One of the best scenes in this movie - scene with Susan Sarandon (Jo Jo Floss) and Jake Gyllenhaal, Jake has asked Susan, why she married her husband, played by Dustin Hoffman.

Jo Jo Floss: When I go to bed at night I do four things. I drop my robe, slide under the sheets, turn on my left side and stick out my ass. That's it. That's the signal. I just - I back it right up there because I know when I do, no matter how cold the damn thing is, no matter how difficult it might feel, no matter how desperately we want to kill each other it's gonna be met by this warm body on the other side that's gonna hold it. Two arms that wrap around pull me out of my head, quiet the voices, save me from myself... without ever having to ask. Every night, 31 years. Every night there's my ass and every night... he never lets me down.

Jo Jo Floss: You find your home, and it may not be what you thought - you know; color's off, style's wrong... but there it is anyway and to hell with you if you can't take a joke. You find your home. Ben's mine.