Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bunny house

We were trying to make a shortcut through the San Fernando Valley, and found ourselves in a dead-end street near where the L.A. River goes through Canoga Park. This is an industrial street, with gravel yards, small factories, warehouses and auto repair shops. But as we drove, I spotted a few small houses nestled among the cinderblock walls.

Like this funny little cottage, in its own little yard, furnished with chairs for seating and planted with a large bird-of-paradise plant, an acanthus and a prickly pear. Like an outdoor room, the yard is separated from the street by a low block wall. There are two trees, one coloring a tawny gold for autumn.

Let's take another look at that block wall.

Are those bunnies? I'd love to know the story behind this wall of bunnies.


Gilly said...

They've got very long ears - they could be hares! Do you have hares in the US?

There is a lot of myth and magic associated with hares, but I can't think why anyone would want to put them in a wall.

Perhaps they are just rabbits (bunnies) and someone liked them a lot!

Was the little house inhabited? I imagine it was there long before any big industrial business!

CaShThoMa said...

Very interesting; I'd love to know the story of the bunnies as well.

Unknown said...

That is so interesting! LOVE it! I am surprised you didn't go ask : )


Great eye. I wonder where you can get those. They would be great in my garden.

Tristan Robin said...

Those are uber fab!!!!! I want them in my garden!!!!!!

This post was such a treat - from the title, I was so afraid you had just seen that movie "Bunny House" which is one of the worst movies ever LOL.

Sue said...

I love that...couldn't that just be the cutest house with a little TLC?


Maggie said...

What an interesting cottage to find tucked away in such industrial surroundings. It's a mystery!

Nej said...

I can't help but feel sorry for that little bungalow. So lonely and needing a little TLC. It's always houses like these that catch my attention. Thanks for finding it!! :-)

The wall is great!!!!!!!!