Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thematic Photographic - Buildings

Each week Carmi at Written, Inc. has challenged readers with a theme for photographic inspiration. This week the photographic challenge continues with the theme BUILDINGS.

This complex of desolate brick buildings, graffiti-smeared, with forbidding razor-wire gates and clouded windows, is in the Lincoln Heights section of Los Angeles, north of downtown. Rusted barrels and splintered pallets are piled on the loading dock. A faded pentimento of painted letters are unreadable down the building's flank.

It feels abandoned, alone, moribund. But things aren't always as they appear in L.A., where creating illusions is a local industry.

In the parking lot, a fleet of modern cars indicate the building is occupied. A sign on the front tells us this complex is a film studio.


Beverly said...
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Beverly said...

Great photo for the theme. I guess it is just like life - not always as it seems.

Happy belated birthday. It looks like it was such fun.

NJ said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. I believe that building is in Lake Forest...not sure if you consider that Los Angeles or not. I just know my daughter was getting some training at Red 1 Camera which is a company owned by Oakley and why she was at Oakley. I'm sure she said both places were near each other. It's definitely a unique building.

I love the old buildings you posted. I love when they have the original signs and painting on them.

Sue said...

I knew when I saw the topic was buildings that you would have something interesting to share...and you did!


Gilly said...

Love the idea of a Company Wrecking America! ;)

Interesting it is now owned, or used, by a film company - illusionists par exellence!

Unknown said...

Maybe I should join this meme! I love having assignments : ) I think it pushes me! Very interesting. I love the bricks!

Vallen said...

This reminds a little of the building in Pasadena that has since become a brewery and offices. My heart warms when old places are spruced up to house new businesses.