Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekly Jack

Jack isn't exactly camera shy, but he doesn't make it easy to take his picture. Here, he was looking at me so sweetly, then ducked his head the minute I pressed the shutter.

So I tried again, sweetly asking him to look up, smile for the camera.

This is just before he licked my face.

This photo works for Carmi's Thematic Photographic, a weekly photo challenge based on a theme. This week's theme is "Black and White."


carmilevy said...

I love Jack's face. He looks like such a sweet, contented dog. What a perfect addition to the theme!

(I could pat that fur all day. Speaking of fur, where's my own dog?)


Chibi Janine said...

What a gorgeous dog and he sounds a real character. My pooch is probaly setting himself up at front of the door incase there is a paper invasion again.

Anonymous said...

Jack makes me wish I had a dog.

Max Sartin said...

I don't know dog breeds very well, and I could be totally off, but if I ever do get a dog it would be a Husky, one that looks kind of like your dog. Beautiful picture, beautiful dog. I wish I had the time/energy/motivation/lifestyle to take good care of a dog of my own.