Saturday, May 12, 2012

Inspired invention - starting young

Take a few minutes to watch this video about a very creative little boy.

Caine Monroy is nine years old. He spent his summer vacation with his dad at his dad's auto parts store in East Los Angeles, and while there, he created his very own arcade of games, working with cardboard boxes and toys.

He didn't have many customers, but one day a filmmaker wandered into the shop and met Caine. He shared the news with his friends, and now Caine's Arcade is an inspiration to other inventive kids.

Caine's Arcade was installed as part of Unique LA, a consumer exhibit show featuring local artisans that takes place this weekend at the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles.

I stopped by to see Caine's Arcade. I purchased a Fun Pass ($2 good for 500 plays) and played the basketball game. I'm not very good at it, but I made a basket eventually!

Here's Caine himself, concentrating on a camera while presiding over the enterprise.

The games are very intricate and challenging.
There were lots of customers playing Caine's games at his arcade.

What started as a game has turned into an effort to raise funding for Caine's future college tuition. The intial goal was $25,000, but now foundation has raised over $250,000 - and now the Caine's Arcade Foundation supports opportunities for other innovative kids.

What a great affirmation for a 9 year old boy's creative spirit!

UPDATE - We might not have learned about Caine's Arcade if someone hadn't noticed it, and nurtured it. Think about it - when have you seen a work of imagination and creativity? Have you helped it grow? How about the next time?


Max Sartin said...

And kudos to his father too, who encouraged him instead of telling him "clean up that mess, this is a business after all".
Fantastic story.

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