Thursday, January 9, 2014

What a beautiful morning

This is what the mountain looked liked this morning. We are getting a little ocean mist in our air now, the dryness in the air we've been suffering has been tempered a little.

I had my job interview. It went well, it was pleasant.

The job itself pays, to start, about $5000 a year more than I'm making now, but each year for the following five years you go up another step. I'm already at the top step in the job I have now - I started at the top, which was about 2/3rd the salary I made in the job that was eliminated.

The job itself seems to be a lot of work with a data base. I don't mind that, but doing it all day long might be dreary. No working with customers or the public. The work environment is very blue-collar and casual, but it's right next door to an art museum. The work hours are very early - 7:00 am start. That's even earlier than my new job here!

I have no idea whether I will be offered the job or not, but I'm open to whatever happens.

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M. Bouffant said...

A month late, but that's still such a nice scene, & a great shot w/ the three (or so) layers of nature & mountain.