Friday, March 21, 2014

What lies beneath

Our long septic tank nightmare continues. The concrete that the main tank is constructed of is so old it's crumbling. Felipe has lined it with new concrete, and has put in a filter that will keep the feed to the leach tanks clean. He is also swapping out the old, too-narrow manhole for a larger, up-to-code one.

After that, he will replace the D-box that feeds to the leach tanks. There are four deep pits in our back yard; the stones of the patio have been lifted up. We've turned off the sprinklers for this area, so the roses are not being watered. That and the fact that their roots are exposed now will probably kill them.

We'll wait till it's all done, then figure out what to do with the garden.

1 comment:

smalltownme said...

Any way of saving the roses? Hose extensions? Banking the roots?

Ah well, I feel functioning plumbing trumps landscaping.

My mother lived with non-functional plumbing for some time, out of laziness, and it was pretty disgusting.