Friday, May 8, 2015

Daily Candy

Sigh. I'm getting old. With age come more medications, more maintenance.

I hate taking pills. It wasn't until adulthood that I had to think about taking pills, and that was just The Pill - oral contraceptives. And even that, I hated having to depend on them, and I hated having to remember to take them.

As my aging body changed, I resisted my doctor's attempts to put me on cholesterol and blood pressure medication, promising to lose weight and eat healthier to avoid taking more pills. But after a couple years of trying, I gave in. I now take three pills a day - and hope to keep it that low.

My aversion to pill-taking had also fostered another bad habit - I have never been good about taking vitamins and supplements that would also keep me healthy.

My recent knee problems gave me a wake-up call about Calcium, and how important it is for women as we grow old. But the pills I got at the pharmacy made me gag when I tried to swallow them.

But now I've found my solution - Gummy nutrition supplements!

There are calcium supplements like little sugary yogurt treats! And vitamins that look like Jujubes! My CO-Q-10 supplement look like Dots, and squish just as deliciously between my teeth! You can even get a fish oil gummy - it sounds yukky, but it tastes like fruit candy. You can get gummy fiber supplements, too, although the week I took them, my stomach growled like a beast, so I stopped.

When did these things go on the market? Why didn't I know about them sooner? For a sweet-tooth like me, it's my Daily Candy!

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smalltownme said...

If they were chocolate flavored...