Sunday, September 13, 2015

A miscellaney


I'm not doing a very good job of journal ling, or blogging, these days. School is demanding!

Here's a sample of what's been occupying me this week.

After a week of rain, today is a glorious, cool, perfect Sunday! Perfect for taking Jack to the dog run in Crescent Park, where he found a couple of friends.

He doesn't get to play much, so this made him happy. He romped with a couple of puppies - really, puppies - and I think it tired him out!

I have these new shoes that are eye-shockingly bright! They looked much more subdued online. But they feel so good, I'm keeping them.

When I went to get a new haircut, I was a bit early, so I had a glass of wine in a neighborhood bar across the street.  Great, older place, quiet and dark. The clock doesn't work, so it wasn't 8:05.

My stylist is trying to move my part to the other side of my head. I like it, but I'm always trying to push it the other way before I remember!

Saw this exquisite little oxalis blooming beside my driveway. Look at the shape of its three-way leaves!

This cucumber salad was beautiful and delicious, but how are you supposed to eat it? I tried rolling up the ribbons first, before I gave up and cut it all into pieces.

Jack and I are going for a walk at 2:00. Dem Saints are playing at 3:00! Better find a good bar to watch it from!

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Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

JACK!!! Love your new do. I tried switching my part but every time I looked in the mirror my head just looked so wrong. Back to the left it went.