Friday, September 25, 2015

Yappy hour


 Every bar in the Bywater has a sign at the door - "No Pets Allowed."

They also have waterbowls outside the front door, and a stash of dog treats behind the bar.

This is a city that breaks the rules.

There are three dog-friendly bars within walking distance of my house - they are dog friendly depending on the bartender. At Vaughan's Lounge, when Krinkle or Beth is tending bar, Jack is welcome. They both love him. The regulars like him too. LJ's a real softie for dogs.

There are other regular dogs at Vaughans. Linda brings her two little Lhasas. Another woman brings her dowager hound, Nola. Greg brings his shepherd, Heather. There's never a conflict when one dog is in the bar-room and another one enters, but sometimes there's a little barking, which is loud and annoying enough that one dog owner decides to go out on the gallery. Usually it's whoever is a smoker, but I've chosen to take Jack out, if I think I've had enough time inside.

J & J's
J & J's Sports Bar can be dog-friendly - but sometimes not. It depends, as I say, on the bartender. Once, I brought Jack inside and everyone at the bar patted him. As almost a formality, I asked the bartender - who I didn't recognize - if it was OK if he came in. "No, it's against the rules," he said. "Sorry."

"Okay," I said. "I'll come back another time without him." When I said it, I was looking at the treat bag behind his shoulder, where another bartender had given Jack a bacon-treat a couple days before.

I've never tried to bring Jack inside Markeys Bar, but that's because Markeys has some good sidewalk tables where he's welcome.

Jack doesn't drink. He's my designated walker.

Vaughan's Lounge
In the afternoon - some afternoons, not all - we take our walk, and our feet naturally lead us to the corner of Lessups and Dauphine Streets here in the Bywater, to Vaughan's Lounge.

My afternoon sojourn is usually one drink long. That's all I need to relax, and that's all Jack needs of adoration and praise before he's ready to go back to our place for his dinner.

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Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Sounds like NOLA is Jack's kind of town!
I've been reading 1 Dead in Attic and thinking about you.