Wednesday, January 13, 2016


This morning, at the usual time, I threw on some pants, wrapped myself in a scarf, zipped up my fleece jacket, clipped Jack, the dog, to his lead and headed out the door for our walk. Jack usually gets two good walks a day, and like every morning, when he sees me take up the leash, he starts to prance and leap, he's so excited.

We headed out into the bright cold morning. My neighbor's Lincoln was pulling up to the curb, and since I hadn't seen them in a week or so, when Andy and Jera stepped out onto the sidewalk, I stopped for a moment to chat.

We were chatting and suddenly as I looked at her, Jera's eyes went wide and Andy shrieked. "Look at him. Bad dog!"

Jack was PEEING on me!! I guess he was impatient to get going.

No dog treats for you today, buddy.