Friday, July 4, 2008

Fire in Malibu

Here's what it's like. You realize you've been clearing your throat, your nose feels itchy. You look outside and the light is weird - kind of orangey or amber. You look across the canyon and see the smoke in the air.
You tune in AM radio. You turn on KCAL Nine, KNBC. There's a fire in Malibu. You go online. You go to the California Highway Patrol site. Check the local community board. Where is it? How close is it? Have they contained it?

A mobile home fire over near Malibu Creek State Park spread to the parkland. Firefighters have it 85% contained.

The orange light, the haze in the sky, and the smell in your nose underscores the warning. Today we were lucky.Update: 9:15 PM. Here's the fingernail moon rising, over the smoke.


JCK said...

I'm glad they got it under control. My mom lives in Carmel and the Big Sur fire is very close.

Cheryl said...

It's an eerie beauty, the smoke in the sky. After the fires of last year (I'm in SoCal, too), I wonder if there's anything left to burn in my neck of the woods.