Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lumpy report

Mr. Lumpy went to the vet yesterday to get his shots and a check-up. Mr. Lumpy is going away to summer camp - that is, the boarding kennel - while we go on vacation this August. We're really lucky that there are two great pet boarding places here in Topanga that allow the dogs room to roam and play together.

Of course, that doesn't mean much to Mr. Lumpy at his age. The kennel refers to Mr. Lumpy as a "senior." I think the senior dogs get to sit on the porch in lawn chairs and bark at all the other dogs to get off their lawn.

Mr. Lumpy's not doing so great. The cancer on his hip has spread, and is affecting the nerves in his right side back leg. The vet performed a test that revealed he has almost no feeling in it. Which explains why he falls down sometimes, and why he stumbles along like a jalopy with a flat tire on the passenger side rear wheel. When it affects both legs, Mr. Lumpy won't be able to walk. Our vet thinks he may have another year.

But for now, Mr. Lumpy's feeling all right. They like him at the vet - he's so well-behaved they gave him a pedicure while he was there. He got some new pills for his arthritis, and some leftover lambchops and chicken for dinner. This morning he's lying in the sun on the deck.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I hope he gets to enjoy his twilight years without too much pain. I like the image of the older dogs in rocking chairs.

M. Bouffant said...

More proof there is no gawd. How could anyone allow our dear friends not to live as long as we do?

Especially when you lost another friend not too long ago. Keep Mr. Lumpy (?) doped up if need be, & let him go out w/o any pain.

Kathy Rogers said...

Aw, poor Lumpy.

I want to go to his camp. I want to sit on the porch and bark at young-uns to get off my lawn, too.

Liz Harrell said...

Poor Mr. Lumpy. He's precious. I live in fear of Mabel getting older.. but as cranky as she can be already, something tells me it wont be a huge adjustement.