Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I never felt it

We had a little excitement here this morning. A 5.6 earthquake that hit today around 11:42 a.m. was centered in Chino Hills.

I never felt it. I was in the car. The radio was off, because reception is bad in the canyon. When I turned it on later, everybody was talking about it. I called Our Son, who was home and he said that it had shaken a bit, but there didn't seem to be any damage.

When I came home, I checked out a few things that should have fallen down in an earthquake - but they hadn't.

Hope you and all of yours are OK. What were your earthquake experiences today?


Kathy Rogers said...

I was in the bathroom.

Har har, earthquake gods.

JCK said...

My daughter and I were in a swimming pool. Didn't feel it. My husband was BUMPED and JOLTED big time in the Hollywood Hills and frantically tried to reach us for 45 minutes. I languidly left the pool and then my phone beeped and I saw he had called 3X. My son was at school and in the sand. He says he felt a bump, but hard to get the real story out of him. :)

Glad you are OK!

M. Bouffant said...

In a building two blocks from PCH. It shook, but people eight feet from me engrossed in reading didn't notice. Out-of-staters were nervous. Had to advise one not to stand in the door, either get outside or get under a desk or heavy table.