Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween ghouls

There's a Halloween party at our neighbors down the hill from our house. They have a couple young daughters, and each morning on my walk I see more decorations - scarecrows, hay bales, spooky signs - go up in the yard.

We've been invited but we've begged off, being old and exhausted, and interested in the ball game. As the darkness comes on, we hear the sounds of shrieks and howls outside, and go out on the porch to take a look.

Our next door neighbors with their kids are hiking down through our driveway easement to the party below. They are elaborately costumed, and waving flashlights around. There's a little boy dressed like the Spectre of Death with a silver cardboard scepter. There are witches. Ghouls and goblins. Horrible creatures. Even Mimes!

Willa, an angelic little five-year-old, waves her horrible accoutrements at me as I stand on the porch watching, and pipes cheerfully and proudly to me, "There's blood on my hands, Aunt Snow!"

"There's a lot of people in this world with blood on their hands," I tell her, "but none of them are as sweet as you!"


Anonymous said...

Too, too sweet! What a wonderful neighborhood to live in and enjoy. :)

smalltownme said...

I hope they enjoy their party!

Gilly said...

Not too sure how I feel about Halloween - there wasn't much "celebration" in the UK, but now the whole thing seems to have taken off, translated straight from the US!

The house opposite, which is a "Care in the Community" place has a banner up saying "Happy Halloween" which seems a bit too far for me!

I prefer to old name "All Soul's Night" when the dead were prayed for. (Bit late, you might think, but that was the Medieval way)

But your photos are so colourful and really spooky!