Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jack exploded

Jack's autumn blow is in  His undercoat is blowing off him in tufts. His coat looks as frowsy and mottled as an old bum's rags.

On the road, on the deck, on the front porch and in the upstairs hall, clumps of dog hair collect and drift.

Enter Luke, our traveling dog groomer, to the rescue!  Jack seems to love his spa treatment.

It's pretty impressive how much fur Jack sheds. The last time Luke groomed him, though he cleaned up as much of the loose fur as he could, some clumps remained to blow about my neighbors driveway.

Remnants of Jack
Our neighbor's five year old son asked his dad what happened - "looks like Jack exploded," said his dad.


carmilevy said...

Wow, that's an awful lot of fur! But he looks so happy to be with Jack. I often wonder what we'd do without our own groomer, who's been a loving presence in our dog's life since we first rescued his filthy little form and brought him to her for a three-hour makeover.

To this day, she's one of the only people he'll kiss on the face.

Anonymous said...

That's a LOT of fur!

Around here, the animals are busy putting *on* their winter coats, not taking them off. ;)

Janet said...

ha, exploded!!! I can relate :-)