Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Come and see!!

Sunset over the park
 This evening in our office, we all bent to our computer monitors, sending emails, working on reports, calculating formulae in Excel. Now that it's no longer daylight savings time, it starts to get dark earlier in the evening, and the park outside our windows darkened and the glass only gave back reflections to us.

"Come outside and look at the sunset, you guys!"

It was Erin, whose window opened on the west side of the building.  She skipped down the row of cubicles, past the push-gate at the front counter, and out the door.

"I could see it through my window! It's gorgeous! Come and see!"

We all came out of our offices and went outside. I brought my phone and took a picture. Someone else went back in to get her phone.

We looked up at the sky and let the warm rosy light play on our upturned faces. Then we went back in and finished whatever it was we were working on, but felt better for it.

The world needs more people in it like Erin.


smalltownme said...

Good for Erin! It is beautiful.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

The world does need more people like Erin. I was at the beach last weekend and it was interesting to see how few people actually stopped to enjoy a totally gorgeous sunset right in front of their faces. Those of us who did take it in, were all the better for it.