Sunday, November 24, 2013

String of Arts

Tiny fabric hearts, strung on threads, make a garland so delicate that it barely catches the eye, against the white wall.

Huge floor cushions, plump and inviting, that can cradle your entire body.

Orbs of braided cotton; hand-pieced embroidered runners. Handwoven cloth, indigo-printed patterns. Whimsical retro butterfly chairs, their fabric slings a patchwork of color, threaded with gold.

All this is what Christina Kim of dosa has brought to a spare, empty space in Westwood. Gathering works made by hand, with recycled materials, by people in communities all over the world, dosa champions the small, the minimal, traditional arts, and natural materials.

She's just one outpost of Los Angeles artists and artisans in a kind of pop-up craft market called Arts Restore LA. 

Filling empty storefronts in Westwood Village, they bring accessible art to the streets. And bring shoppers to the streets of Westwood.

Looking for handmade skateboards? Prints by noted Los Angeles artists? Hand thrown pottery and intricate jewelry; one-of-a-kind textiles and home-made jams and preserves. It's all here.

Arts Restore LA is an effort spearheaded by the UCLA Hammer Museum. Running November 1 - 24. You can still catch it today, if you're in town.