Monday, October 6, 2008

The elusive bacon dog

Has there been a change in heart on the part of Los Angeles County regarding bacon dogs? On an earlier visit downtown, I noticed the bacon dog vendors had seemed wary - some had look-outs, vigilant for health department inspectors. Or they'd duck behind screens or into arcade entrances when LAPD cars passed.

But on my recent visit there was a bacon dog cart, right on out the sidewalk on Name Withheld Street, the delicious smell of bacon perfuming the air. The apparatus was the usual set-up - a waist-high box enclosing a propane tank and burner, with a heavy-duty baking sheet laid on top.

The smell of frying onions and peppers was heavenly. You can see the way the bacon grease pools in the center that, over time, the sheet warps - this feature allows for variations in heat and grease as the food cooks.

This grill was a bit more high end than most you see. Instead of a corrugated carton, the box concealing the propane tank was actually made of laminated panels. In twenty years, no doubt Grills Deluxe will be selling gourmet bacon dog grills with a specially crafted and angled "grease well", specifically targeted to the backyard griller who has everything.

The vendor gave me a welcoming smile. "Oooh, can I take a picture?" I asked, hoping he'd agree.

"Sure, be my guest!"

So here for your pleasure is the elusive Los Angeles bacon dog.


Queenly Things said...

If only someone would be so enterprising up here in the Granolaland that is Northern California.

Kathy Rogers said...

You're so right about that smell.

I saw a lady near Staples once with her grill contraption/tray hanging on the front of her body from straps over her shoulders. Seemed kind of dangerous, but pretty darn mobile.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, bacon!