Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This is the moon setting in the west over Saddle Peak, at 6:24 a.m., in a sky filled with smoke from the Porter Ranch and Little Tujunga fires. It's the color of the setting sun. Weird.

The L.A. Times quotes Los Angeles County Fire Chief Michael Freeman saying Monday afternoon "This fire has the potential to move from where it is now . . . perhaps as far as Pacific Coast Highway."

Let's hope that doesn't happen.


Mental P Mama said...

Thanks for visiting. I have been warily watching your fires these last few days. Scary. Stay safe.

we_be_toys said...

We don't hear much about the weather in California, here in NC. I had no idea there were still wildfires burning out there. Yikes. We had a few earleir this summer here and it made for some pretty crappy air quality.

Here's hoping they settle down soon.