Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pink Saturday - Pink Wine

Beverly at the blog How Sweet the Sound has a great idea! It's Pink Saturday. Post about something pink, on Saturday. Here are the rules if you want to Get Pink!

A couple of summers ago, we started to notice in our favorite wine store displays of Rose wine. The stores were pushing it as a great wine for summer. Pink wine!

Do you remember Mateus? I remember how very sophisticated I felt, buying a bottle of Mateus rose back in the '70s, serving it to potential boyfriends with Quiche Lorraine and a green salad. Then there's "Pink Zinfandel." How about "Pink Chablis?" These wines were often made by blending cheap white and red wine - and sometimes altered with sweeteners and flavors. Boy, do I remember the hangovers!

Today's fine pink wines aren't anything like that Kool-Aid. They are made from red or black grapes that are left on the skin for only a short time, lending a touch of color to the wine, but sparing the complexity of tannin in red wines. Good pink wines can be crisp, fruity and fresh. They are good with picnic food, grilled food, even barbecue - and so perfect for summer.

Here in southern California, it may be October, but it still feels like summer. We can fire up the Weber, grill some chicken, and drink our pink wines for a few more weekends!

French pink wines, like Tavel, and Cotes de Langedoc, from the warmer south of France are somewhat drier than American wines. Food writer David Rosengarten recommends them with artichokes - the odd taste reaction to artichokes lends an extra sweetness to other foods - he claims this works well with dry French roses, which can stand up to a little extra sweetness.

Buy pink wines young and serve them chilled. They're pretty on the table, and light on the palate.

My favorite pink wine, Blanc de Noirs or Pink Champagne. If it's pink Saturday - consider drinking pink! Cheers!


Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

PINK wine and this view? Love it!

~ Gabriela ~

My Artful Heart said... the pink wine...may I have a sip?

Have a grande Pink Saturday!


Peteykins said...

Well, obviously I'm not going to cut down anything pink!

Seriously, though, I love a good rosé.

Uh-oh, I used a French word. How elitist of me!

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Glennis.

I'm heading right over for my glass of pretty comfort, and for a nice chat with you.

Neabear said...

Nice Pink Saturday post. If I drank a wine it was usually a pink or rose wine. You would think I would be more of a wine drinker living in the wine country. Oh well, I can be the designated driver if need be when we take visitors wine tasting. I love the last picture of the wine glasses on the railing.

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Great info on the wine....I think here in California we have some of the best wines....I love going to Napa and wine tasting....we try and go a couple of times a is only about 1 1/2 hrs away from us.....they also have some great antique stores....
Mo ;-)

Unknown said...

I have never had pink wine. This sure is pretty! Hope your weekend is wonderful! I hope you can drink a glass of your pink wine and relax! Blessings!

Missy Wertz said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Virginia said...

Great post, enjoyed the information. I have to try the ones you recommended.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Blessings, Virginia

Just A Girl said...

Hi G.,
Lovely post about pink wine. Do you remember Strawberry Hill? Now that's a classic and works well for food fights too! Or liquid fights...which ever you prefer.
Happy pink day!
Cori G.

Anonymous said...

I can remember some awful wine hang overs in college...ugh! LOL..but pink that's a whole other story.

Susan Hickam said...

The wine is a beautiful shade! Happy Pink to you.

Stephanie said...

Mmmmm yummy!!

Happy Pink Saturday!


San Diego Momma said...

LOVE the Pink Saturday idea!

And the ONLY time I drink pink is when I water down my red wine...but I will definitely follow up on your recommendations. They sound delicious.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pink wine.. Happy Pinks!!

Kris said...

Yummmmy..I agree with Gabriela, pink wine and the view. WOW


Ed said...

What a heady combination, wine and sunshine - love it, cheers !!

Grandma Faith said...

That picture of the wine glasses on the railing is quite stunning.