Thursday, October 16, 2008

Golden California

This past weekend I followed my own advice and attended the Golden California Show at the Glendale Civic Auditorium.

I learned about this show this spring when I went to the Tile Show at the California Heritage Museum. Antique dealers at the Golden California Show specialize in antiques, crafts, and artifacts from the early days of Mexico, the Arts & Crafts era in California, and early 20th Century western/cowboy/latino antiques.

Or stuff that looks good with it. Witness this vase - a real knockout piece - from the Roseville Ohio.

Or these fabulous 1930's velvet-upholstered club chairs...from France.

Never mind!! It all evokes California's glamourous Hollywood past, so it's fair game! Plus, it's all gorgeous stuff that will make you drool with acquisitiveness.

There were 18th century vernacular religious pieces, like this carved crucifix. I adore the little angel. I was so embarrassed when I asked the vendor "Is he ringing a bell?" and she gently told me that he was bearing a chalice to collect the spilled blood of the Savior. Oops. Sorry. He looked like a bell-ringer, to me.

There were '40's bakelite pins in cowboy and cowgirl themes. Wouldn't you just love a charm bracelet with pistols and horseshoes?

There was a bear - originally a target for training budding Park Rangers for the US Forest Service - I thought it was carved wood, but the dealer told me it was molded resin, and could be disassembled for easy transport. Isn't he great? How could you shoot at such a sweet looking bear?

Some things were just kitschy trash, like old cowboy boots and chairs made of welded horseshoes, but other items were true works of art, like this ceramic Tree of Life made by modern Mexican artisans. Check out the skeleton figures.

At another booth, Mexican textile arts and vintage folk costumes were displayed.

Unlike many antique shows, this was a small show, and the dealers and the customers all seemed like old friends. Dealers were happy to let me take photos, and took the time to answer questions I had about the items they were displaying. I was amazed at how many fascinating things I learned about California's history.

If you live in Southern California, or plan to visit in October, visit the Golden California Show's website, and pencil next year's show into your calendar.


Jason, as himself said...

Interesting stuff!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...! I lived in Glendale for a while - my parents lived there and I went to a year of Jr. High there - they finally moved to La Crescenta -so I am familiar with that area. Trivia - I saw Sonny & Cher performing at the Pasadena Civic Center at a Jr. High dance) - when they were "Anthony & Cleopatra"! That was their group name at the time! Her in her furry vest and he with his "Beatles" haircut! LOL!

Unknown said...

If I lived in California, I would certainly come to this show! Very cool!