Friday, July 17, 2009


A sudden storm broke last night around midnight as we were sitting at a sidewalk table in front of Le Dome.

The waiter sensed it first, and told us, "Madame, Monsieur, il vait pluie," and motioned us inside under the awning as the drops spangled the pavement.

We stepped up into the covered part of the cafe, leaving behind our table as a sudden gust tossed the plane trees and a sheet of rain swept the street.

I grabbed my camera and took some photos, but I fumbled with the setting. This shot, taken with the "color accent" setting, captured a bright green leaf torn from the plane trees, on the tabletop we had just stepped away from, as the storm washes the street.


Queenly Things said...

Oh, what a joy. Even the rain in Paris is tres chic.

Unknown said...

I love this 'mistake'. It's perfect. Love the story also.

Gilly said...


Anonymous said...

Looks like a serendipitous mistake to me!