Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mystery in the Rue Hernoux

Rue Hernoux in Dijon is a block-long narrow street, lined with small houses. Nevertheless, there seems to be a mystery here.

At Number One, a sign reads:

"Lost Kitten (one year) - white, black and sort of reddish-grey. Name is Rose, but responds to the name Minette. Owner desperate."

At Number Three, a sign reads:

"Found Cat. Chestnut tiger black (young age) during the night of Wednesday to Thursday. Telephone or ring!"

What is going on with the cats and the neighbors in the Rue Hernoux?


Crystal said...

Les Meow ;)

Tristan Robin said...

... an inspiration for a novel?!

Anonymous said...

o0000hhhhhh a mystery? A cat mystery :-) I wonder where those cats have gone to.


Anonymous said...

I am Disneyfied and must think of the lost cats partying it up with others in a jazz dive in Paris, ala "Aristocats."