Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Parisian treats

One of the best treats tourists can get in Paris are the ice creams, or glaces, sold at the Berthillot stand on the Ile de France, where the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris is located.

We visited, and had a couple of tasty ice cream cones. [The Man I Love] had pistache, while mine was caramel beurre a sel, or butter caramel with salt.

In summer, Parisians love their ice cream. At the Musee du Quaie Branly cafe, I had a taste of citron vert au gingembre confit, and chocolat noir.

I also went to Le Bon Marche, Paris's famous department store, and bought some lingerie on sale.

After I showed my purchases to [The Man I Love], he said that it was kinda like the ice cream only like getting double scoops.

Of chocolat, peche et citron.


KBeau said...

Oo la la!!

Anonymous said...

LOL how funny is that? I never would have though of them as ice creams. Then again you just eat one served in a plate with those pretty colors :-) Just can't help but laugh.

I enjoyed the one on your previous post too. I've never visited a vineyard - I think it's wonderful to be able to visit even if it's not in Paris :-)


cactus petunia said...

Combien doux!