Friday, July 3, 2009

New haircut

In preparation for our trip to Paris, I thought I'd better pay more attention to my appearance - my last haircut was in March, and I'd let too much time pass. So yesterday I went to Julianna and got a cut and highlights.

What do you think?

I like a hairstyle that's easy to take care of, because I'm no good at styling my own hair. Or anyone's hair, probably - not having any girl-children means I never had the opportunity to try.

Julianna's a good stylist, and she tries to teach me basic techniques so I can blowdry my hair at home. So I watch, carefully, as she twirls the round brush under the blast of the hot dryer, shaping the smoothly turned-under sides and lifting volume at the crown.

I always ask what product she uses, and sometimes even buy it from her, though I never actually use it.

And the blow-dry lessons? Well this morning I gave it a try.

My hair is less than two inches long. How can it be possible to tangle the round brush so badly I can't get it out?


JANN said...

I like the haircut, very stylish and easy to care for. I'm with you, I just cut my hair shorter and dyed it real red - I love it! YOU look nice with your new cut. WOW going to Paris - that is awesome. I bet you are so excited, can't wait to see what great finds you find and the cool photo's you take. Wish you could sneak me along in your purse - hehe. HAPPY 4TH CELEBARATION !
Love the image banner !

KBeau said...

Good haircut. Should be easy to keep on your trip. Have a great time in Paris. We were there in March. Had a wonderful time.

cactus petunia said...

What a great haircut!

No pressure, but I'm looking forward to some great photos of Paris!

Kathy Rogers said...

Paris? Do tell.

Just like the grass is always greener, etc., the hair is always better on someone else's head.

Woman in a Window said...

Gorgeous! Perfect for travelling to Paris.

JCK said...

The new haircut is very chic, Glennis! Will you be blogging during your Paris trip and taking photos? Can't wait to "travel with you."

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great (but I thought so before, too). I never manage to make mine look anything like the stylist, unless the stylist is me. It's been 2 years since I paid someone to cut my hair, but I think it is time...
Have a FABULOUS time in Paris!