Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekly Jack - in Silverlake

The Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles is known as a hipster haven. It strides a delicate balance between artsy hipness and grungily ethnic affordability. While the hills above Sunset Boulevard teem with spare new architectural wonders alongside impeccably restored Spanish revival bungalows, there's still a gritty edge, and you don't see too many deluxe double strollers dominating these steep sidewalks. Perhaps it's the economic times, but bland gentrification seems to have been ably challenged by this neighborhood.

Quirky antique shops, thrift stores and tattoo parlors exist side-by-side with taquerias, exotic lingerie boutiques, auto repair shops and rock and roll dives.

We took walk number 27 from Charles Flemings "Secret Stairs: A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of Los Angeles." We brought Jack along for the fun. I'll post about it soon.

And then we looked for someplace dog-friendly to eat lunch.

Dusty's American Bistro on Sunset Boulevard is listed in the L.A. Dog-Friendly pages, and it's just a mile or so from the end of our walk. We're trying to get Jack used to urban walking, and refining his doggie manners for urban settings. He's actually pretty good already.

When we arrived, we realized that it was actually on the last few steps of the very first walk we'd done, the Music Box Steps.

Dusty's serves moderately priced French bistro food, like this beet salad with goat cheese and julienned mango and jicama.

We took a seat at an outside table, while Jack watched the scene. People came in and out of the restaurant, remarking on his elegance and style.

A trio of young women - all wearing black tights, jeans or leggings, and black little booties, leather or black jeans jackets - came out and strolled up the sidewalk. A skateboarder in black jeans and a hoodie slid past. At the next door cafe, a couple of black-clad guys sipped espresso.

Then he ogled a couple of dogs being walked across the street at the taco stand for El Siete Mares, across the street.

Oh, yeah. He'd fit right in here.


Anonymous said...

Good boy, Jack!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Jack is a fine accessory, isn't he?

P.S. Jicama...I tried some oven thing with it and the turnips (basically cut them up and put sauce over them, then baked for a while).

This was just to give me the idea for what it was. So I get it, jicama is much tastier than turnips!

Mrs. G. said...

I want to come to your and Chris' neck of the woods and have you show me around. You guys are amazing at finding the extraordinary.

cactus petunia said...

Jack is such a hipsta!