Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Savor the sweet times

Mexican candy at the Grand Central Market

Only two more weeks until we lift off for Europe! Meanwhile, on Monday I took the final exam for my French II class. I think I did pretty well, but I won't find out for a week or so.

We hosted the annual barbecue for [The Man I Love]'s office, which was great fun, great food, and gave us the opportunity to brighten up our decks and patios for the summer.

We received our annual visit by the county Fire Department, with recommendations for tree pruning and brush clearance. Living in a fire-prone area on property with protected trees is tricky. We have to prune the trees, but first we need to get someone to give us a permit to do so. Then we could get a quote from an arborist. We have a lot of trees and it turns out that there's a lot of dead wood up in the crown of one of our trees. It's going to cost a lot - we have to schedule it for two visits.

I'm finishing a complicated project at work, and have to spend a lot of time checking for details, continuity, consistency and proof-reading.

I will definitely be ready to climb to cruising altitude, lower the seat back, and sip a glass of champagne!


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

At least the Fire Department visits to give you advice.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Sounds expensive and frustrating (the pruning and permits) but your BBQ sounds like it was fun and I'm sure your deck is fabulous right now. Even better is having a big trip to look forward to!