Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Job search news

It's been just about a month since I learned that my job was going to be phased out at the end of June, 2013.

I've been doing a lot of research, some soul-searching, dusting off my resume, contacting old friends, looking for ideas.

I'm taking kind of a three-pronged approach.

1) Look for another position with the large complex organization I work for. The HR department has promised to help us with transfers and counseling. If I did this, I would be able to continue to build my retirement benefits. This would also require leaving the industry and field that I've become an expert in, which would be a sad thing for me.

2) Look for a job with another employer in my chosen career. It's a specialized field, with a limited number of opportunities. A woman my age is at a disadvantage in the job market, and I'd probably take a pay cut. On the other hand, I'd be working in my field, and it would probably be challenging and interesting.

3) Retire and work part-time as a free-lancer or a consultant, or start my own business. Really challenging and interesting. And scarey! And insecure! And I'm not sure exactly what I'd sell my talents as, so my task now is to figure that out.

So I'm simultaneously pursuing all three avenues. I've submitted a couple of job applications to arts organizations that sound interesting - although I haven't heard a peep in response. I've set up some meetings with contacts to get ideas and suggestions. I've talked with my organization's HR department about retirement, and also about transfer opportunities.

The transfer option seems safe and practical, but it is something I have misgivings about. I don't want to leave my chosen field. Why settle for a bureaucratic desk job? Why not take a risk and follow one's passion? On the other hand, what's another five years or so, when you consider that my retirement benefits would increase by 20% just for sticking around?

A while ago, I was holding forth after a glass of wine and told someone, "I just can't see myself putting in for a transfer for an Administrative Analyst position at Public Works." Oh, hah hah hah.

Well, today, I did just exactly that. It's an opportunity. Why not go for it?

It's still early, and I have a lot of choices. I also know that job searching garners a lot of rejection. I may not even have the privilege of snarking about a job at Public Works - I might not even make the cut.

But I'm not ruling anything out. Cross your fingers for me.


smalltownme said...

Fingers crossed and glass raised.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

So many options and pathways...
Hold on a moment...

Okay, I've got a glass of wine here to raise to you and your future! (Glad I'm reading at 9pm!)

Mingus said...

G, I am behind whatever you decide to do 100%. It's exciting to think about a change of direction for both of us!

M. Bouffant said...

Fingers of both hands crossed.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Good luck, Aunt Snow!

Max Sartin said...

Consider them crossed. Best of luck.

Alexia said...

Salut! and good luck :)