Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dog days of summer

It's  been hot, lately. Our house has large windows and a deck facing southwest, so when it gets to be about four in the afternoon, it's unbearably hot in that part of the house, even with shades drawn. So we find the northern side of the house cooler.

The fish is Haitian oil-drum art, found in Tampa, FL

These blue plastic adirondack-style chairs were on sale at our local supermarket for $9.99! The pillows, made with sun-brella outdoor fabric, were only $6.99 at our local Big Lots. Together on our front porch, they make a pretty nice place to enjoy the cooling evening breeze and watch the woodpeckers and squirrels nest in the oak trees.

The broad arms of the chairs provide a good place to set a cool summer drink. Enjoy!


smalltownme said...

What a cool, refreshing, inviting spot!

Deborah said...

Love the fish! I am a collector of fish ornamentation so it caught my eye right away. I have a piece of Haitian steel drum art as well, but mine is a tree-of-life and not painted, just weathered metal.

Looks like an excellent place to relax!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

You have great taste!