Friday, January 23, 2015

Tree trimmers


Perched, like bright birds, green weskits and orange hats flashing, they call and respond in high pitched staccato Spanish. Bright yellow ropes hang and loop like vine tendrils over the oak's twisting branches, and clip back to belt harnesses as, scabbards strapped to leg, the climbers straddle the tree’s limbs.

Tethered orange chainsaws dangle when idle, bar-down, like jagged plumb bobs. The men brandish long-handled pruners to lop and snip, pulling, pushing, sweeping. Another shout, and the saw growls, pulsing low then howling out in exultation. Cut green wood tweaks the nose like menthol, and a leafy branch jangles down. The tracery opens and sunlight pours in.


Tristan Robin said...

It's been so long since I've been able to spend time in Bloglandia - and I return to find this exquisite description of a tree trimming!

Oh, I must remember the inspiration and invigoration I get here!

Glennis said...

Welcome back, Tristan!

franinoz said...

Lovely! Franinoz