Monday, October 26, 2015

Work-out class

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 Yesterday dem Saints beat da Colts, in a nail-biter. We came by our neighborhood watering hole, Vaughans Lounge, after halftime. The faithful were assembled, and were rewarded for their devotion with victory. The fans wore their talisman garb of Saints jerseys, and one avid fan wore a black and gold glitter adorned matador costume.

There was alcohol, of course - it's a barroom, after all. There was crockpot chili for those who wanted it. There were dogs wearing football backpacks. It all served to secure the win.

Yes, dogs wearing football backpacks
When the game was over, folks started to disband, but Beth, the bartender nudged us. "Stick around a minute," she said. "Check this out."

This is the ritual performed after the victory. It struck me a a kind of work-out class for New Orleans ladies of a certain age.

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Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Fans everywhere can be entertaining. I guess that's why they're called fans [fanatics]!