Friday, July 22, 2016


I apologize for the long silence. I'm feeling a little shell-shocked by the hate on display in Cleveland at the Republican Convention. Thank goodness it's over.


David Duff said...

That's odd given Freddy Gray's description of the convention:

"You might find them abhorrent. You might think them stupid for having fallen for such a charlatan. You might be right on those counts. But you can’t pretend that Donald Trump voters are all vicious fascists, because they aren’t. Indeed, the most shocking aspect of the Trump fans I’ve met is their decency. For all the doom peddling by people in my profession this week, there was no violence to speak of at the Cleveland Republican Convention this week — from either pro or anti Trump gangs."

Mind you, he writes for The London Spectator so that probably makes him 'a hate-filled Right-winger'!

Glennis said...

So you think that calling for one's political opponent to be executes is "decent"? Duly noted.

David Duff said...

Look, I'm not here to defend Trump who strikes me as a not very bright, fairground barker, however, there was no violence at the convention even if Republicans frequently hate Democrats just as Democrats frequently hate Republicans. Your post put me in mind of a dowager duchess who had just inadvertently glimpsed an uncovered chair leg and required smelling salts urgently.

Let us hope that non-violence 'rules OK' at the Democrat convention despite the massed ranks of 'Bernistas' and 'BLM-ers'!