Sunday, September 25, 2016

Second line Sunday

Today was the Second Line for the Young Men Olympians Social and Pleasure Club, in Central City New Orleans. This is a club that dates back to 1884, and has a large following. There were several bands of dancers, in different color schemes, and brass bands to match.

 I was there, with my camera, hoping to capture the feeling and the vibe.

My favorite photo is of this young man, marching out with his cohort. Carrying on a tradition from the past, yet looking toward the future. How beautiful and striking and poignant he is. He has the world ahead of him. To me, a young man like this embodies hope for the future.

Can we agree that not only do Black Lives Matter, more importantly, Young Black Lives Matter?


David Duff said...

All lives matter.

Ellen Bloom said...

FANTASTIC photo, Glennis! You've really captured the spirit of the parade. I absolutely LOVE your take on life in New Orleans! Thank you!