Monday, February 27, 2017

Having fun is exhausting!

One aspect of life in New Orleans is how exhausting having fun is. This was the last weekend before Mardi Gras day on Tuesday, and during the two days of Saturday and Sunday, I managed to see five parades. I'd planned on two others but pooped out before I could drag myself any further. But in addition to the parades, I also attended an Oscar-watching party. It's simply too much!

There are some amusing and uniquely New Orleans aspects of Mardi Gras, however. I'm curious about this - why does every parade begin with a boom truck and end with a fire truck?

What of the crew that follows up after the horse riding groups?

Parade ground amenities:

Viewing ladders and chairs as people stake out their turf on the neutral ground. They say the ladders are for the kids, but as the afternoon goes on guess who takes over....

And here's a look at what folks do during those idle moments when parades stall:

Here for your enjoyment is the all-male dance crew, the 610 Stompers, at the Krewe of Thoth parade uptown:

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