Monday, August 3, 2009

Obligatory Eiffel Tower post

The Eiffel Tower as seen from the gardens at the Musee Quai Branly, on a hot summer day. The museum was designed with the idea that it was sited in the shadow of the most famous monument in Paris. The tower is visible from the gardens that surround the museum.

The administrative building of the museum is the home of its own work of art - can you guess what it is by looking at the photo? No secrets here - all will be revealed in a future post!

We walked on past the museum, to the base of the great tower - it was magnificent, soaring....and yet the crowds at the base were vast and, with the lines and the souvenir stands - for me - off-putting.

Can I just admire it from here, in the park? They say that the best time to visit the Tour Eiffel is at night. [The Man I Love] and I had other plans for our evenings, time that's what I'll do.

Because - there will be a next time for me to go to Paris. For sure.


mo.stoneskin said...

I have fond memories of visiting the tower. Both as a child and on my honeymoon.

Gilly said...

I've been up the tower, years and years ago, but now, as I am definitely not good with heights, I'd admire it from the ground!

Its a shame so many of these tourist attractions get tacky, isn't it?

You have taken some wonderful photos on your trip!

MyThoughtsMyVoice said...

I haven't been :-( And I think there is a slight chance too LOL Oh well, I'm just enjoying pictures and stories of others who have been there :-)



KBeau said...

We didn't get to the Eiffel Tower at night either, and I do hope for another chance. Your pictures look much like mine--if you're up close, you have to get a low angle to get the whole thing in. I just finished my photo story book for my France trip yesterday and uploaded it to the server. You're welcome to take a look. Hard to read the text, however, because they run it at a low resolution.

g said...

KBeau - your story is wonderful!! Everybody should visit!

Kate said...

Love these photographs of the tower; no people!!! The crowds would turn me off too. You've managed to capture the tower sans the masses and that, is...well, beautiful.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I'm glad you did the obligatory post because those are some uniquely lovely views of it.

Briget said...

I love the first photo - how it seems to be "growing" out of a bush!!

Anonymous said...

We were there in the springtime, before the summer tourists were out in force, so the lines were minimal. But honestly? I think you captured it so much better from the park. I love the perspective from your camera. :)