Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pink Saturday - I forgot

Pink Saturday - Beverly at the blog "How Sweet the Sound" hosts Pink Saturday. Let the color pink inspire you!

During this December, Beverly asks bloggers to post on a weekly holiday theme. For this Saturday, the theme is - Tell us about your favorite holiday tradition.

I had a hard time with this Pink Saturday theme, and I didn't know what to write about. Friday evening was so busy, with Our Son home, Jack's misadventure, cooking dinner and all, that I didn't have time to concentrate.

I was so tired I went to bed, but as I dropped off to sleep, an idea suddenly popped into my mind, one so perfect I knew I'd remember it when I awoke.

But when I awoke, the idea was gone......What was it?

Until I remember, these wreaths and lit trees will have to do. The photo was taken in downtown Chicago in December 2007 when we visited for my nephew's wedding.


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

You shard a beautiful picture. So grand and elegant. Is this a cathedral in Chicago. A wonderful post- something I would have never seen if you did not bring it to us!
Have a blessed Christmas,

Woman in a Window said...

That architecture is beautiful to house those trees. And now you're busy with family. Christmas is afoot. I hope you're well. It's been too long since I've been. Happy Holidays to you and yours, g.

g said...

It's the Chicago Tribune building.

I've remembered my story, scroll up to read!

Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Amazing building!

~ Gabriela ~

Beverly said...

Glennis, you cracked me up. That is so something I would do, and I have done it so many times.

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Holidays to you and your family.