Friday, February 25, 2011

FAD Friday

Thanks to derfwad Kate in Michigan for the duck image!

Mrs. g has taken down the screens, put away the loungers, wire-brushed the barbecue, latched the shutters closed, and dust-covered all the furniture over at Derfwad Manor. She is graciously retiring from the bloggy-blogg world.

But one tradition she began begs to be continued. It's FAD Friday - or Fuck-a-duck Friday.

Based on the signature phrase of Mrs. g's late, favorite Aunt, FAD Friday is the day women can throw caution and propriety to the winds, let loose, vent their frustrations, and tell the world it can go fuck itself!!!

Feel free to weigh in! What happened to you this week that makes you want to say Fuck-a-duck??


Gary's third pottery blog said...

FUCKADUCK we got a blizzard goin' on here in Ithaca! Totally par for the course, but you know, I'll probably make some blueberry muffins, make a boatload of coffee, do Monday's crossword and see if I can trick my neighbor into using his snowblower on my driveway :)
Thanks for carrying the torch Doves, cannot wait to see what shittiness others have to report on....

Anonymous said...

I'm fucking glad you're continuing FAD Friday.
I have fucking ALLERGIES in WINTER. I am fucking sick of sneezing and watering eyes. My daughter also has fucking allergies. We are walking around trailing tissues from our sleeves.

My right eye feels like it's going to slide right out of its socket on the next fucking sneeze. BLAH.
--kate in michigan

Lisa said...

I've been keeping it off my Facebook page for political reasons--I'm "friends" with several co-workers--but FUCK! I can't keep it inside anymore! Go Wisconsin pro-union protesters and state senate Democrats! Fuck Walker, fuck tea-party Republicans, and fuck union busting. Half my family belongs to public-sector unions, they've agreed to the budgetary concessions Walker "needs" to balance his budget, they deserve the right to keep collective bargaining! Furthermore, fucking Walker shouldn't have given $60 million in tax cuts to fucking corporations if he's so fucking worried about the budget. Guess what, fucktard, making the middle and working classes support benefits for the wealthy is FUCKING BACKWARDS. Fucker. Also, fuck you to everyone in my facebook feed that posts bullshit supporting this motherfucker. I wouldn't say it to your faces in the interest of civil political discourse, but that is what goes through my head every time one of your hatefull posts pops into my consciousness. I'm so fucking sick of rich people only taking care of each other. Since when is the American political system supposed to be a fucking gated community?

Wow, that was a long rant. Thanks for carring on FAD Friday, Aunt Snow.

fluffy said...

Aunt Snow, thank you for hosting FAD Friday. You are fucking marvelous!

It's been a long fucking week, and it's going to be a busy fucking
weekend. Why the fuck can't I get my shit together, get it all done, and just have a fucking relaxing weekend for once?

Glennis said...

Wow, you guys wake up early!

I just have to say - I'm ready to say FUCKADUCK to work because we're going to New Orleans for th weekend.

But now I find out we're expecting a serious cold snap - yes, even with SNOW here in the Santa Monica mountains, and now I'm worried about my garden. It's 7:00 am and I have to go out and throw sheets and towels over tender tropical plants before we drive to the airport!

Glennis said...

Right on Lisa!!

Galiena said...

Sooo f'ing tired of winter!!! Same blizzard conditions here in the upper corner of western NY, and the plow has only made one pass on the road, one lane only, since this started, so I'm not headed into work. yea me!!
Go Lisa!!! You speak for many. None of this is going to get straightened out til they start from the top.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I'll fucking meet you in NOLA, at, say, what is that pretty square with the church and garden in the middle of the FQ, has bars in every direction...get some of that, what is it called, JAX beer...yessssss....I'd like some heat and humidity :)

Susan said...

Hey everyone! Gary, sorry on the snow! I'll send you a photo of my forsythia that's busting out in yellow! Maybe you can print it out big and put it over your window as your pretend view. :)

Lisa said...

Aunt Snow and Galina--loving the solidarity.

As for NOLA, I've never been, but I would not be opposed to a visit. Heat and humidiy sound heavenly right now.

smalltownme said...

Thank you, Aunt Snow! I'm fucking tired of waking up at 4 a.m.

Kelley said...

FAD, we got snow again! I'm sick of winter and wish that groundhog was fucking roadkill at this point!

Aunt Snow, thanks for carrying on with FAD Friday! Is it OK if I link to you on my blog? I'll be hosting Mancake every Monday!

Lynda said...

SO glad you've pickedup FAD Friday. And Kelley, Woo-Hoo! Thanks Ladies!

Jessie said...

I drank an entire bottle of wine last night. FUCK!

Thanks for transferring FAD over here Aunt Snow!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

FAD that Mrs. G. is retiring from blogging. (That's my selfishness talking... I truly wish her the best and brightest in her current and future endeavors.)

I'm also really hating moving right now. Gearing up for months of decluttering, storage, cleaning, putting the house on the market, trying to find a new place on the other side of the country, and did I mention that my husband is retiring so we will be severely downsizing as well?

Navhelowife said...

Mine? FAD my son, who thinks that just because an assignment is stupid, he is somehow excused from participating. Which then results in an F in band.
FAD my dh, who I dearly love, but who has been in a jerky mood for about 2 weeks.

And two GOOD FADs! Our vision insurance ROCKS. Went to the eye doctor - exam, contact lens fitting, glasses ordered and all less than 200 bucks!
AND I get to go see Bob Newhart live tonight. Okay, geeky I know, but we all love his routines - if you've never listened to them, find them online. THey are so funny!

Anonymous said...

Well, I avoid the bad words, don't you know, so they don't slip out at a bad time. But I love ducks.

Cheryl said...

fuck a duck - tax time.

Not that I mind paying taxes, I just hate the act of preparing taxes. I am a fucking lousy bookkeeper and organizer, and I always swear I'm gonna do better this year, and instead I just get worse.

While I'm at it, FUCK ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TO PAY TAXES!!! We live in a great nation. It is made great by all of us sharing the load. People who make more have more ease in their lives, and should share with those who have less. Seriously, well-to-do people? You won't even fucking notice it's gone. I'm sick of our increasing culture of selfishness and greed.

Fuck the demise of Derfwad Manor. I miss Mrs G.

Thank you Aunt Snow.

aunt snow said...

Thanks for visiting evryone

Am having a cold corona at LAX

Leslie Jane said...

FAD - my stomach
Because now I've stopped eating just about everything so I don't have to take the little purple pill that can cause bone breakage in people over 50.
I can do without the alcohol and even the chocolate...but NO MORE just isn't fair.
Thanks for carrying on Aunt Snow!
Leslie Jane

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I'm gonna echo the FAD to Walker and his union busting pals, especially the odious Chris Christie of New Jersey, the residents of which shoulda oughta known better than to vote for a Republican.

DarcC said...

Thanks for keeping the FAD-ing going! My procrastinating fucking self didn't get all my work done during the week, which will now haunt my weekend, whether I do the damn work or wallow in the guilt. Fuck.

Lisa - you rock! Fuck Gov. Walker and others of his ilk!

Tonya Lynn said...

Yes! It is going to continue!

Honestly I'm exhausted so not much going into this FAD Friday except Fuck You Scott Walker. You are trying to ruing the State of Wisconsin - however - we don't back down easy - especially against a corrupt fucker like you.

@Lisa - I just started hiding supporters of Dumbfuck Walker from my news feeds - Its either that or being pissed off every-time I open up facebook. I also started selectively hiding my posts from them so I didn't have to read their comments to my posts which tell me that I need to be better educated and make sure to read information from reliable sources.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

My count could be a bit off, but Mrs G has taken breaks a few times before....and returned :) We may see that gal again!

trash said...

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! My selfishness rings out with yours kcinnova. As I missed the Colony, I shall miss the Manor but wish Mrs G everything fabulous for her new plans.

Also fuck off to all FOUR of us being sick during a week of holidays.

Thanks for holding the party over here aunt snow.

VIvianne said...

Just FAD. In general. Too many little things -- bye to Mrs. G, crappy February weather, unmotivated kiddos, grouchy spouse, inlaws visiting . . . so FAD. I feel a bit better now.
Thanks for continuing the tradition.

Beck said...

FUCKADUCK!!! I had to shovel snow TWICE today. It was heavy and cold and I'm so over it!!! Gary, you're not to far from me, wanna deliver some blueberry muffins?? :) And FUCKADUCK I am going to miss Mrs. G...thanks for carrying the torch Aunt Snow!!!

Cindy in Walla Walla said...

Well Fuck a Duck Aunt Snow -- bless you! Fuck a Duck I'm disappointed Mrs. G is leaving us. I'll sure miss that humor -- but treasure all the moments she made me laugh or nod with enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for carrying on FAD Aunt Snow, you are a trooper.

I hate what both the NJ and Wisconsin Governors are doing and I wish they would get a fucking clue; we can't shoulder anymore cuts;period. Let's collect all the taxes unpaid by major corporations who influence pedal left and right, leave toxic waste sites the tax payers are supposed to cover remediation costs on and lets make the wealthiest in this state pay an equal and fair share instead of finding every Republican sanctioned out they can. Fuck politicians who do not serve all, only the already priveleged.
FUCK, FUCK, FUCK the blood clot that took my sweet friends life this week as she was making lunch for her 3 kids and husband. They are inconsolable and how are we supposed to make sense of this? You just had a COLD. Fuck, fuck, fuck and I don't say that word often but this just sucks and I don't know when I will stop crying.Bramble

Miss Lucy said...

Thank you for carrying on the tradition of FAD Friday! You're a peach, Aunt Snow.

I finally said, outloud, to some of my girlfriends, that I don't like my MIL. Boy! Did it feel good!

cardinal said...

A big ol' fuck yeah to Aunt Snow for letting us turn her comments blue. I know we'll miss the Manor, but I'm sending good vibes to Mrs. G. on her path. (Plus, it's fun to visit new places.)

My big fuck you this week is to the politicians trying to chip away at my rights as a woman. I try to live and let live, but I am kicking ass and taking names. (I'm looking at you, Georgia and South Dakota, to name a few.) I think it's high time we look at some legislation to keep these wankers from ever "spilling their seed" as the bible puts it.

And Miss Lucy, you can sit by me. We can rant about our m-i-laws together.

Salty Mama said...

Yay! FAD, it's like the same family in a new house!! Have a great weekend everyone and thanks to Aunt Snow!
Oh, and my FAD is to teachers that compare my two boys and say they are like daylight and dark, as if that were a bad thing. And to the same teachers that say " Well, he's certainly all boy". No fickin' shit you dumbass, as opposed to 1/2 or 3/4's boy! Don't condescend to me as a mother because you can't master simple classroom management. I hate fucking Parent Teacher Confrences!!!!!!!!!!! And an extra fuck you because they both made the merritt role. 85 and above is A-okay for my "daylight and dark all boys". Peace out Derf-Doves!!!

Astro & Mitzie said...

Fuckaduck, it's cold here too in Seattle.
Fuck getting up at 4 a.m. for work.
and a big fuck you to my niece who can't say thanks for the gift card i sent her a month ago.
Thanks for picking up the FDDF Doves.

Ashley said...

Fuck today's workday, fuck what's happening to people I work with. Fuck STILL wanting things I can't have. Fuck mt friend's comments on my life choices...indirectly, of course, but via social media she knows I follow closely. Fuck being bothered by her opinion, because that's all it is.

Fuck being brokenhearted by our messed up world. Sometimes it's just too much, you know?

Anonymous said...

Fuck a Duck, the Mrs. G and the Manor is gone. Fuck a Duck, my daughter's teacher -- it should not have taken me 10 days, 2 phone calls and 2 emails for you to return my call -- and then tell me that you write your exam questions to "weed out" the B students from the A students. Not acceptable in elementary school -- and I told your assistant principal so. Fuck a Duck to the school that wanted to hold up my financial aid for another month even though four different people had already told me there would not be any problems getting it this week. It took multiple calls, pleading, begging and a call to the President's office to fix the problem -- all so I don't lose my house by the end of this month.

Thanks, Aunt Snow, for hosting FAD Fridays! I needed it this week.

Colleen said...

Thanks Aunt Snow for continuing the FAD Friday tradition - it's rare for me to post, but I almost always read and empathize/sympathize!

As for me - oh fuck a duck it's the last weekend of the month so it's time to pay bills! $$ is soooo tight... I fucking hate it - before pulling up stakes and moving 1500 miles south 4 years ago we were in a Very Good place financially - now with the fucking economy tanking I can't make ends meet. If I were 30 I'd not be so worried, but I'm 50 with a 62 year old retired spouse. Despite cutting down on everything, there's been no raise in pay in the 4 years I've been here (and never mind being grateful that I have a job - that's fucking old and I work DAMN hard for the little I earn) - and I started at almost a %50 paycut despite cost of living being higher here(and a special fuck YOU to the state of Florida for not valuing and paying RN's a living wage! Being told that it's a fucking "sunshine tax" is not at all amusing people!) bills keep going up as everyone knows.

I'm running out of things to cut back on, it's fucking scary.

*sigh* that was waaaay more than I wanted to share, but there it is. Maybe I won't lay awake for too long tonight eh? Might be worth it! Thanks for a place to vent!

Navhelowife said...

That is what I have seen as one of the main points of FAD fridays - vent here rather than at your spouse, or kicking the dog, or what have you.
Or crow loudly and often about something good without anyone to say anything negative!

ngillard said...

Whoohoo! So happy that FAD lives on. Thanks a gazillion.

-11 in Pullman last night. Now that is fucking cold.

Anonymous said...

Mine is entirely selfish. This morning the husband gave our son his car. It's snowing. Hard. So when we went out an hour later, the husband assumed he was driving my car. Um, no. Get your ass in the passenger seat, buddy. The thought crossed my mind to tell Mrs G that her and Mr G's advice to another Derf ("If it's your car, you drive it.") had been well used. And then I remembered the Manor is closed. FAD.

Many thanks, aunt snow.