Monday, September 26, 2011

Evening out

Photo from online event news site
This weekend, we had an evening out. A gala event, attended by celebrities, artists, business leaders, philanthropists - and us, just lucky, I guess.

I wore a Nanette Lepore cocktail dress, with a sarong-style skirt and a low-cut draped decolletage. A little daring for me. I'd bought it a couple years ago, and had it altered to properly fit me - so this was actually the first time I ever wore it. I spent the entire night reminding myself to stand up straight and not slump my shoulders. I had a pair of cheap glass dangly earrings that were the same blue color as the pattern in my dress.

The event was a great opportunity for people watching - and observing interesting fashions. Although black was the most popular hue, there was one woman in a striking dress that was a column of hot pink silk jersey. Another wore a graphic yellow and black print on a white ground. There were men dressed in stove-pipe legged trousers and four-button jackets like PeeWee Herman. Lots of people wore unusual-looking glasses. Mini-dresses made of spandex. There were leather and boot-clad hotties. And dowagers in glittering sequins. This being an arts event, there were also a few people studiously dressing down, in t-shirts and flipflops.

And there were shoes. Oh, the shoes! There were platform pumps. Gladiator sandals - still in fashion, it seems. Oddly shaped hoof-like ankle bootlets. Stilettos.

We knew very few of the people there, but those we knew were worth knowing. We escorted a newcomer to the scene to introduce her around. We came upon a noted artist talking with a hot young actor. The artist interrupted her conversation with him to greet our guest, with an affectionate hug  - and then graciously introduced us to the actor. Oh my! The hand that is typing this post shook This Guy's hand.

At our dining table, I sat next to a small, neat man perhaps five years my senior, wearing a crisp bow tie. He was very charming, a great conversationalist who made me feel at ease. He happens to be a serious L.A. dude - a retired lawyer, who's on a bunch of the city's boards and commissions, and also on the boards of several arts and health care organizations.

Although just beyond our table, the hot young actor sat with the honored artist, and beyond them, three bad-boy Hollywood young talents laughed and drew the attention of photographers, and to our left an elder statesman of Hollywood fame held forth - I think I enjoyed my conversation with my dapper and personable dinner companion better than if I'd been at those tables.

My dress, photographed at home. Is this really the only full-length mirror in our house? Yes, it is.
No other photos from me - I didn't even bring a cell phone. There were official photographers there, and one posed photo of the two of us was taken.

I'm making a funny face.
The food was delicious. A noted LA chef catered the event. The best dish, I think, was the appetizer - late-harvest peaches served with burrata and pistachios in a balsamic dressing. The evening included a short performance by a popular new singer.

At one point in the evening, I really longed for my camera.  The courtyard was open to the sky, and garlands of small bright orange lanterns hung above the dining tables.  We were warmed by the propane-fueled heaters. The red table cloths, the bright floral centerpieces, and the amber light from the lanterns all lent a visual warmth to accompany it. Yet at one moment, I looked up past the glass towers enclosing us and the sky was cold and greenish beyond the lanterns, and fine droplets of mist sifted into the beams of light. It was such a melancholy yet exquisite contrast of color, I wished with all my heart I could have captured it.

Then I turned back to the table and ate my bittersweet chocolate torta dessert with crispy honeycomb. I ate it all up.

You can't pass up the opportunities that present themselves to you.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

You shook hands with Doogie, M.D.!?!

P.S. You look mahvelous!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

You look smashing!

Hob-nobbing with the smart set, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! How fabulous! -- the event, the sights, your dress! And NPH!!! He's so adorable, and a dad now, too!
I enjoy these glimpses into your world. Thank you for sharing them!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

You look lovely! I think I would have been speechless shaking that hand...I think he is so talented! It sounds like a great event for people watching, thanks for sharing a bit of it with us!

Janet said...

Oh, I love your dress! You and your sweet man look wonderful :-) NPH has really grown since the days of Doogie, hasn't he? That ceiling reminds me of the one at Hogwarts :-)

aaryn b. said...

That dress looks stunning on you. You should wear it more often. For no reason.