Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekly Jack - spinning

Each morning, Jack and I take our walk. When we come back to the house, lately, I've taken to making Jack sit at the top of the steps, and then I take off his collar. When I give him the OK, he dashes down the stairs to the front door, running like the wind!  I follow, a little more slowly.

He is so excited he turns in circles at the door while he waits for me. Here's a video of what he does.

When I let him in the house, he runs all around in circles through the living room and kitchen, and then up the stairs into the bedrooms. Then he dashes back down the steps and goes out on the deck.

He's a funny one.


smalltownme said...

Oh, to be so happy!

Janet said...

he, with my dog, we call that the shiba 500 :-)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

cute baby dog :)

Max said...

Incredibly cute dog!

Gilly said...

He's a great dog! Our dog also turns in tight circles when he is excited (usually about food!).

And I loved those leather bags on you last but one post. I can smell the leather from here!